4 Tips for Weight Maintenance


4 Tips for Weight Maintenance

In our daily lives, we keep hearing about weight gain, weight loss, obesity, dieting and a lot more. While most of us focus on weight loss, we seldom give a keen eye towards weight maintenance. Food industry today, sells its products by promising weight loss and health benefits, however they rarely inform us about maintaining a healthy weight via food intake. At the same time let us debate on how many calories do I need to maintain my weight? Not only is maintaining a healthy weight is important for our overall health, but also helps us in avoiding risks like heart ailments, diabetes and blood pressure issues to name a few.

All About Calories

We often wonder, how many calories do I need to maintain my weight. You will find a lot of online information around this question. Some studies suggest that an average woman needs to intake approximately 2000 calories in a day in order to maintain the body weight. While men need to intake 2500 calories per day to maintain their body weight, there are a lot of factors to consider however, like age, height, present weight, physical activity, metabolism, etc.

Here Are 4 Tips to Maintain Healthy Weight Levels

Eat Home-cooked and Filling Food

Increasing number of nutritionists these days advise people to intake more of home-cooked food that is filling and also helps you kill hunger pangs by feeling full for longer durations. Packaged food contains excess amounts of sugar and salt and can leave you feeling hungry very often. This should be avoided by eating home cooked meals that are fresh and which retain their nutritional values for longer.

Physical Activity

At-least 150 minutes of exercise per week is recommended in order to maintain healthy weight levels. If you are new to exercising, you can start with a few minutes per week and then gradually keep adding as you build up your stamina. It is crucial to keep burning calories that we intake in order to avoid putting on excess weight. Not only does it help you stay lean but also boosts your metabolism and even mood.

Plan your meals

It is always healthy to plan and chalk out your meal intake instead of binging on food basis your hunger pangs. The key to maintaining weight is to take charge of your body and mind instead of letting the body be in charge of food intake. It makes a lot of difference to write down your meal plan and prepare the meals, and it helps you control your portion size as well.

Let your Stomach be the Guide

Switch off the TV while having your meals and understand the requirements of your body while having your meals. If you let your stomach be the guide to your food intake levels, it will go a long way in not only maintaining your weight but also loosing those extra pounds.

In a gist, there is no one size fits all guideline for how many calories do I need to maintain my weight. Learn your body and listen to its requirements to best help with weight management.


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